A villa that has always been cherished by ladies.

In 1546, Giacomo Angarano married Bianca Nievo, a woman of resolute, rebellious temperament who even came to be accused of heresy.

In 1588, their son Stefano died, and Giacomo Angarano was obliged to sell a part of his properties, including Villa Angarano in order to return the dowry to his son’s widow.

The Palladio renovation project had not yet been brought to completion, and the imminent sale of the villa to the Formenti Family put a definitive end to the process. Villa Angarano and its annexes passed first to Cornelia Formenti, the daughter of wealthy Venetians, and her husband, Gerolamo Molin, and then to their daughter Maria, who married Paolo Gradenigo in 1654.

Senators of the Republic of Venice, the Gradenigo Family were responsible for the changes that produced the complex we admire today.
It was Maria Molin Gradenigo who provides us in her last will and testament with the exact date of the start of the villa’s reconstruction (1669) concluded in the early 1700s.

The villa changed hands again, this time from the Gradenigo to the Pisani Family, before being transferred uxorio nomine to the Venetian Doge Michiel Family at the start of the 1800s and then to the Counts Bianchi Michiel.

Villa Angarano Bianchi-Michiel, also known as Cà  Michiel, is now owned by the five Bianchi Michiel sisters, who continue upholding the fine Italian wine-making tradition loving care, quality, technology, and innovation.