Sunday 22, October: Women for Women at Villa Angarano

If we had to describe into 3 word what happened under Villa Angarano’s Barchessa, it would be: Women, Colours and lots of Energy.

That’s the atmosphere that Prisca Ojok Auma and her Associazione Mar Lawoti Onlus created for “Donne per le donne” (Women for Women), the runaway show with dresses made with Ugandan fabrics by Ugandan women and tailored with the aid of some ladies from Bassano del Grappa.  “Ispirazioni Etniche” (“Ethnic Inspirations”) by Colores de Sudamerica took part to the event as well.

Mar Lawoti Association was borno in Bassano del Grappa in 2009 with the objective of protecting women and children residing in North Uganda refugee camps from abuses.

Watch here a piece of video.

Music live by Bonfanti 3’O